Experts and Executive Committee

In order to be able to provide professional and worthy services to the companions and customers of Honar va Tejarat Gino (Karvije), we have gathered a group of international experts – academic and industrial. All our innovative services, tools and techniques have been studied and evaluated by the quality monitoring and evaluation of this board.

Omid Jalili Khojin


  • Master of Technology Management
  • Business analyst and strategist
  • Consultant and implementer of innovation management standard (ISO 56002)
  • Trained in Innovation Management Standards under Peter Merrill, Chairman of the Canadian Standards Committee
  • Strategic business management
    Ideation, evaluation and entrepreneurship

Peter Merrill


  • Chairman of TC 279 (Innovation Management Standard Development Committee) National Standards Organization of Canada
  • Consultant and operator of management systems at IBM, A.I.G, BlackBerry
  • Manager and Founder of ASQ Canada Innovation Unit
  • Innovation Management Standard Establishment Consulting (ISO 56002)
  • Author of the books “Innovation Generation” and “Innovation Never Stops ”and ISO 56000, Building Innovation into your QMS. ”
  • Keynote speaker on innovation at the Dubai, Mumbai and Shanghai conferences

Arnoosh Shakeri


  • PhD in Technology Management
  • Faculty member of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Tehran University of Science and Research
  • Lecturer, Consultant and Senior Evaluator of National Productivity Awards, Organizational Excellence, Project Management and…
  • Areas of specialization: Futurism, Innovation System, Strategic Technology Management, Technology Commercialization and Pricing, Start-ups and Startups

Amir Hosein Afroozan


  • Master of Technology Management
  • Manage large-scale projects
  • Consultant and implementer of innovation management standard (ISO 56002)
  • Evaluate resource performance
    strategic Managment
  • Evaluator of the National Technology Award
  • ISO score 90001, 140001 and 180001
    Maintenance management

Abdullah A.Ahmed


  • Member of TC 279 Committee (Innovation Management Standard Development Committee) of the National Standards Organization of Egypt
  • Consultant and implementer of innovation management standard (ISO 56002)
  • Director of the Industrial Modernization Program at the Center (IMC) in Egypt
  • Senior Regional Director at the Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) in Egypt
  • Egypt Small Industries Development Management

AmirParviz Bahrami


  • IT specialist
  • Cyberspace Analyzer
  • Cyberspace strategist
  • Evaluator and site designer
  • SEO and content production strategist
  • IT Developer and Complicator