Our Solutions and Services

Consulting and implementation of ISO 56002:2019 IMS

ISO 56002:2019 Standard  Innovation Management System (IMS) has been developed and published by the TC 279 committee. The special company provides consulting services and implementation of ISO 56002: 2019 standard using comprehensive implementation frameworks. The frameworks and methods of the company are designed exclusively by the international faculty of the company.

Consulting and formulation of innovation strategy

Many successful portfolio managers consider innovation to be their most important business strategy. Innovation strategy is a fundamental and important tool that determines the direction of innovation of a business. A proper innovation strategy will be able to increase competitiveness and sustainability due to internal conditions and changes in the business environment.

Assessing the Organizational Innovation management

Evaluation is one of the key tools in the field of innovation management that can be used to identify the factors affecting innovation management and find its strengths or improvements. Companies need to evaluate their innovative capabilities at all times. We will always need guidance and advice from experienced professors and people to start a new path.

Training courses and workshops - innovation management system

Our Company, with the benefit of international and academic experts who have been involved in the development and publication of ISO 56002: 2019 and have advised many companies in establishing, evaluating and improving the innovation management system, taking into account the conditions of applicants, Has organized training courses and workshops on innovation management system.