Assessing the Organizational Innovation management

due to rapid changes in organizational environment, competitiveness and final survival of an organization depends on its ability to create innovation in the organization. technological innovation leads to business success and the possibility of market leadership and create value for stakeholders and ultimately lead to economic growth and improve living standards at different levels. regarding the importance of innovation and its role in the survival of organization in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, it is necessary to evaluate innovation management in the organization.

innovation is the main driver for entrepreneurship and growth, and entrepreneurial firms are based on their commitment to innovation. innovation management is widely considered for development, as an agenda for economic growth and long-term success. organizational and managerial innovation are important elements in the development of the company and its products and processes .management innovation refers to innovation in management systems, knowledge management and support activities. organizational innovation includes responsibility, accountability, change in number of hierarchical levels and information flow. on the other hand, managerial innovation is under the influence of operations and corporate responsibility such as specification, content and information flow. innovation capability is considered as a major competitive advantage in organizations and their efficiency and efficiency and consequently their capacity for long term sustainability.

management is the most important means of realizing the organization’s competitive strategies. because products and services offered by an organization in the market will shape its competitive position and business performance. innovation is intertwined with the survival and growth of the organization. innovation as the central process of giving the organization new products or services in the world around and changing how to create and deliver these products and services is introduced. depending on the activity it has, each organization should provide a clear definition of innovation in its dimensions and to promote innovation in all aspects of its organization. for this purpose, we need to provide a framework for evaluating the organization’s innovation and hence a comprehensive evaluation to increase the effectiveness of innovation in aspects that have higher innovation capability.

evaluation is one of the key tools in innovation management space which can be done by using this tool to identify the effective factors on innovation management and find its strengths or weaknesses. at any moment, companies need to assess their capability and innovative capabilities. because they can only maintain their competitive conditions.
we will always need guidance and consulting with teachers and experienced people to start a new course . for this purpose , the function of duty is trying to make it attractive to you by stepping into the pace of innovation. our scientific research will help you with the use of your valuable experiences and the collection of a variety of methods, using new concepts and globally known and well-known tools in the field of innovation in order to develop your business and innovative ideas and proceed with confidence.

All methods, tools and executive frameworks of ” Organizational Innovation Management ” are designed exclusively by the international executive committee of our company 

Innovation management is the main means to realize the organization’s competitive strategies. Because products and services that an organization offers on the market forms its competitive position and its business performance. Innovation is tied to the survival and growth of the organization.

Innovation as a pivot process has been proposed to enable the organization, process products, or services in the world around, as well as change in how to create and supply these products and services. Depending on the activity it has, each organization must be able to provide a certain definition of innovation in its various dimensions, and to promote the innovation in all these dimensions of effort and attention. for this purpose, we need to provide a framework for evaluating organization innovation and thus a comprehensive assessment to increase the effectiveness of innovation in the dimensions that have higher innovation capability.

assessment is one of the key tools in the innovation management space that can be used to identify effective factors on the management of innovation and find strengths or improvement. At any moment, companies need to assess their capabilities and capabilities. Because they can only maintain their competitive conditions.

We will always be in need of guidance and consultation with professors and experienced people to start a new route. For this purpose, We are working to make the process attractive and easier to start a business step-by-step path of innovation. By taking advantage of your valuable experiences and gathering a variety of methods, new concepts, and well-known global tools in the field of innovation, our faculty will help you develop your business ideas and innovation and proceed with confidence in this direction.

Strategic thinking managers that fit the innovation strategy as a strategic advantage strategy in their organization’s goals and strategies, can be assessed in collaboration with our teams to assess their innovation management system and achieve sustainable growth and development. Therefore, in order to conduct an assessment of organizational innovation, they need to be coordinating and coordinating with the company’s central office. After examining the request of the initial assessment team, the initial assessment team will be dispatched to the company to analyze the existing conditions and how to implement the project innovation evaluation project by the written and written team.
after reviewing and approving the principals by proposing the function, a contract between two sets is concluded. planning and planning the implementation framework that is specific to the conditions of the second party and the project executive team will implement all of the process until the final report is presented.

The execution time of the innovation assessment project comes after the initial assessment session with respect to the maturity level, the innovation management system, the organization scale and other related indicators and will be submitted to the second one.

Contact the session coordination unit if you need to consult or coordinate the initial assessment session.