About us

Honar va Tejarat Zhino Company has been working in the field of integrated business analysis and development with the focus on soft technologies (management) since 2015. The company has good experience of working with government organizations, science and technology parks and private industries, and with an open cooperation approach, is composed of managers, consultants and industrial and academic experts in the following fields

 Innovation management (including the development of innovation policy and strategy) – 
 Technology management (strategy development, design and technology roadmap) – 
 Consulting, deployment and evaluation of management systems (especially standard 56000 – 
 Business analytics (based on modern global standards and methods) – 
 Business management (based on an integrated approach of design thinking and strategy) – 


Proposed value
Innovation is a common word in the organizational literature today. But the extent to which organizations have understood the word goes back to their implementation processes and, of course, the results of their innovative activities. Our experience shows that innovation for many managers remains at the level of just one word. The phrase “output development is innovation” refers to the fact that any legal entity (including: organization, company, factory, startup, etc.) regardless of the scale and type of value proposition – product, service or idea – to compete and survive In today’s ever-changing environment, it must see innovation as a requirement and manage it effectively and efficiently within its structure.
Therefore, managing organizational innovation and managing innovation projects, along with standardizing organizational innovation processes, is a solution that can be considered in order to develop and improve the present and future conditions of any existing collection.
As mentioned earlier, planning, planning and implementation of organizational innovation processes are among the requirements of development in today’s conditions that these processes, like quality management processes, can be established as standard and defined routines and innovate through Create fixed and documented cycles in the form of a small organizational ecosystem and turn it into a development stream.
We are looking for companies and organizations that are interested in implementing the Innovation Management System (ISO 56000) and its implementation frameworks and processes, or already have innovation processes that are now interested in evaluating performance and improving it. Let us help this path and take a valuable step towards the development of the technology system of our beloved country Iran